Most Funkiest Frog Handbag Ever


12″ x 6″ x 5″

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WHERE Did You Get THAT Bag? That phrase will be burning your ears from admirers of all ages.Let me tell you about THAT bag: Picture a pair of cut-off denim shorts with two side studded pockets in front and two back pockets.The most awesome black leather-like belt also crystal studded is looped front and back with a western-style metal,jewel encrusted buckle that is artistically crafted.On the front lower left side sits an adorable embroided colorful frog on a lily pad .That’s not all: Beautiful yellow crystal and brilliant large metal faceted beads form the double handles. The inside is fully lined with a whimsical froggie print and side zippered compartment. As an added bonus an extra beautiful shoulder bag attachment is enclosed. NOW IS THIS NOT THE MOST FUNKIEST AND CHIC FROG HANDBAG EVER?

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