DaNisha Miniature Frog Sculpture / “Lily’s Hat”


2″ Tall X 5″ Wide X 4″ Long

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From the famed art studios of DaNisha Scuptures, comes this Miniature Collectible piece, named “Lily’s Hat”. It is a ceramic jewelry box, comprised of a a beautiful,’ reclining frog figurine, which forms the base, or holding compartment of the box, to the lovely detachable lid, which resembles a charming lily pad. This miniature collectible is of a limited , numbered edition, as are all sculptures, designed and sought after worldwide, from these two extremely talented artists: Dan–Sculptor, Nisha–Painter. This particular piece, is made from porcelain and hand painted from a brilliant array of colors. The frog’s face is a subtle shade of red, which transforms into a pleasing shade of orange for his lower body, with black random spotting. Lily’s hat is a mellow green, with a pink & yellow-centered blossom. An absolute fantastic addition to the collector who appreciates fine art!

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