Fascinating Frog Water Fountain


7″ Tall X 5″ Wide

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This Frog Water Fountain is a joy to watch. Two frog fountain custodians perform their watering duties. The larger frog, perched upon a plant, directs the cascading water from a large leaf to a little water wheel, which turns and redirects the water to the sandy ground below, where a second frog is dutifully watching the flowing water to see that all is going well. The whole lovely watering movement takes place within a beautifully decorated container. Place this delightful fountain on your desk, kitchen counter, shelf or any place you wish to create a magical serene setting. All will absolutely love its calming effect as the sound and sight of flowing water surrounds you. Comes equipped with water pump. Runs on 2 “AA” batteries NOT included.

Weight 2 oz
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