Frog Design Enameled Stamp Dispenser


5″ T X 2″ W X 2.5″ L

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Wish to give a unique gift to your frog collector who thinks he has everything? This is a beautiful piece of enameled art and a valuable collectible. It depicts a wonderful, whimsical, entirely handmade, replica of a colorful mail box, with paintings of frogs playing in a yellow colored pond. They are swimming, diving, and resting on lily pads. On top of the mail box are two little metal birds. On the stand of the box is a bumble bee, butterfly, and blue flower on metal posts. It has very intricate details and unique as can be. The front of the mail box comes equipped wit a hinged door that opens up to receive your stamps. On the side of the box is a little slit, just the right size to dispense your stamps. This piece is numbered and signed by the artisan who painted it. Comes in a black satin-lined gift box, for a most unusual and memorable gift.

Weight 2 oz
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