Frog Polka Dot Pillow


Frog Polka Dot Pillow

19″ x 24″

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Add a beautiful decorative Frog Polka Dot  Pillow touch to your bedroom, living room or den with this unique, luxurious-sized throw pillow. In soft muted shades of greens, yellow, browns and beige, this two-sided pillow–one side plain beige and the other side with Frog Polka-Dot design, will enhance any area. Sprawled out in the corner of the pillow is a full -sized casual, yet elegant frog. He seemed to be enjoying his surroundings of little polka dots on the edge, to large impressive striped circles all around him. On one circle, sits a cute red ladybug.. Designed by Robbin Rawlings, whose name appears on the bottom, this awesome pillow will be a great and comfy find.

Weight 2 oz
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