Frogalina Utensil Holder


11 1/2-Inch

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Think your kitchen has everything?–(Not until Frogalina moves in.) No kitchen is complete without the gorgeous, fine hand painted ceramic Frogalina Utensil Holder. Breathtaking is the word for her. She is crafted of beautiful glazed green ceramic and adorned in a lovely while apron, big bow on back. With a lily pad ornament in her hair and on her shoes, she is mixing up a batter of your favorite cookies, using her own favorite small utensil set which is beside her in a pretty green container. We must also not forget the pretty necklace she is wearing. All in all, she will make a big impression in any kitchen. Utensils included : Metal wisk, 2 wooden spoons, Wooden Fork, and Wooden spatulah.

Weight 2 oz
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