Amazing Grow A Frog – #1 for Education !


Grow a frog Live see thru tadpoles are the Ultimate Frog-tastic  Gift for your budding scientist or nature lover !


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Grow a Frog kit contains everything you need to grow an  amazing  transparent tadpole into a little baby froglet.


Kit includes

  • LIVE transparent tadpole certificate
  • Clear-Vue LARGER habitat with color top
  • Stage one tadpole food and serving spoon,
  • Frog Fun & Fact handbook
  • Nutri Sand

Every child should see a tadpole morph into a little Frog !

Metamorphosis study is CORE CIRRICULUM !  Growafrog is a S.T.E.A.M,  learning experience !

Teachers and students gain valuable Life Science knowledge from the daily observations learned through hands on discovery during  metamorphosis.

Gtow-a-Frog Features

  • See a living heartbeat !!
  • Watch front arms ‘sprout’ from buds visible  beneath the skin
  • Long wiggling tail SHRINKS – shrivels up – and then it’s  GONE !
  • Easily observe internal structures such as your tadpole’s BRAIN without Dissection !
  • May actually observe blood flowing from the heart through vascular systems by recording a simple video on your smartphone or similar device an playback in slow motion.
  • Learn about how tadpoles are adapted to completely different feeding mechanisms than frogs. GAF tadpoles are ‘filter feeders – and frogs are ‘meal eaters.’  How interesting !
  • Your Grow a frog tadpole has whiskers – and they DISAPPEAR during  metamorphosis !
  • During metamorphosis – the eyes ‘move’ from the side of the head in tadpoles to the front of the head in frog!
  • BIG MOUTH tadpole changes to a much smaller frog mouth !
  • EYES of your tadpole are FAR apart on opposite sides of the head !  Watch them move way closer together until they are nest to each other  in your frog !
  • Locomotion and movement is far different u tadpoles and frog.  Your GAF tadpole maintains buoyancy by swimming with only a tail.  Your frog swims with arms and legs and does not even have a tail !
  • GAF’s morph FAST !  You can thrill to waking up every morning and observing how much your tadpole has changed from the day before !
  • Average Morph time is just 21 days !!!
  • Encourages learning of the bital hotone thyroxin which controls the metamorphosis process !
  • Teachers have remarked that ‘ Growafrogs bring light to children’s eyes who are otherwise uninterested in learning.’  We are of the opinion that a tadpole could not receive a higher compliment !
  • Educators have remarked that GAF’s ‘not only get students talking about frogs- they get them talking to each other.’  Go figure !
  • Grow a frog gets student interest back ! Kids LOOK FORWARD to attending class to see how much their tadpole has changed from yesterday’s observations.
  • Enhances skills of observation.  This is VERY IMPORTANT.  There is no substitute in biology for the study of LIVING ORGANISMS !
  • Grow a Frog lesson plan available at no charge for download.
  • Amphibian decline lesson plan available at no charge for download.
  • Very simple care
  • NO aquarium heater OR air bubbler needed l( necessary for maintenance of many tropical fish)
  • Low cost
  • Hearty and ‘robust’ little tadpoles nd frogs !
  • Frogs LIVE IN WATER JUST LIKE A FISH  and NEVER need land at all !
  • Grow a frogs are SMART !!!  Can you believe that? They ‘know’ YOU – just like a dog or cat !  They ill come up to the top of the water to GREET you when you walk in the room !
  • Teaches respect for nature and natural ecosystems  !!!
  • Changes attitudes about our froggy friends.    Amphibians ‘used to thought of as’ disposable lower vertebrate useful ‘only’ for dissection.’  Sadly, as you may know, millions of frogs were ‘sacrificed’ for dissection in biology class.  GAF tadpoles are transparent so you may ‘dissent with your eyes NOT a scalpel ! WHEW !
  • Transparent tadpoles provide a ‘window to life’ which is unparalleled in most other living organisms !  Grow a frog kits bring these remarkable tadpoles and frogs  into your school and homes !!!  In most cases – you would have yo make the ( well worth it ) trip to a zoo or aquarium yo see such remarkable gifts or Nature !
  • A simple magnifying glass unlocks the observation internal anatomy and organ systems by observing LIFE !  Growafrogs allow the STUDY of LIFE !
  • Extremely easy to feed ! Your Post morph frog eats Growafrog Stage Two Food.


GAF tadpoles and froglets provide a positive Natural History lesson in classroom WITHOUT removing diminishing native amphibians from local ecosystems


We offer the same products as the grow a frog website and we ship, fast!

The grow a frog company has been in business since 1979!

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