Growafrog Water Crystals # 1 Super


Growafrog WaterCrystals

Keep your Grow a frog HEALTHY with Growafrog Water Crystals !


Growafrog Water Crystals

#1 BEST option for your frog’s environmental HEALTH!

Energize your frog’s well being !

Add Water Crystals to ordinary tap water to make it safe for any Growafrog!

VERY inexpensive at it lasts years !

There is no way you can underestimate the importance of water quality to ANY aquatic organism.

In nature, the nitrogen cycle decomposes wastes ‘naturally.’

In your home you have to resort to a filter in your aquarium and / or frequent water changes.

Tap water is usually treated with chlorine and/or chloramines which MUST be removed!

Water Crystals do the job instantly !

By the way, if you happen to have access to well water or real spring, lake or river water – then you do NOT need Water Crystals.

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