Little “Kotobuki” Frog Rice Bowls


2.5″ T X 4″ Diameter

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These beautiful little authentic “Kotobuki” rice bowls, wih an adorable pattern of musical frogs, on a lovely beige background, will prove themselves to be the prettiest , handiest little bowls ever. Of course, fill them with rice to accompany your main dish. They will also find ways to serve in every room in the house: Kitchen:–Sliced lemon holder, — Condiment dish,—Trendy, Dipping dish,—Teabag holder,—After Dinner mints, Dessert dishes, etc. Use in bedroom as jewelry keeper, small change and keys holder. In Bathroom, use as Guest soap dish, Lipstick holder, Hair accessories holder, and more. These little bowls are certainly beautiful as well as functional.

Weight 2 oz
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