Ms. Sweet And Sassy Frog



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Hold on to your hats. Here she is: Ms. Sweet And Sassy Frog,,….. Super-Sized and fashioned in yellowish.-green. Ms. Sassy is so unique, you have you be aware of her detailing. First, check out the eyes. Look carefully and you will see that those big black shinny eyes and set into a surrounding circle of tiny yellow hearts on a pink background. Not so subtle but just as exciting is her hot ping glitter mouth, hands, and feet. They are a wow contrast to the basic green color. Now for the zinger: A patch of the same hot pink glitter material is sewn right in the middle of her body, with a silver framed red glowing crystal heart attached to it. No better gift for Valentines Day ,or any day that you want to impress that special someone how much you love them.

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