Roly–Poly–Large Froggy Bank


Roly–Poly–Large Froggy Bank


9″ Tall X 7″ Long X 5.5 ” Wide

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Roly–Poly–Large Froggy Bank


All handmade, this big Roly-Poly Froggie Bank, on a revolving stand, is wonderful to look at M, as well as to fill him up. He has a very friendly, smiling face, which says: “No diet for me—–Feed Me!” And—you will be happy to do just that.

An important feature to this, Jolly Frog Banker, is that his revolving stand is also a cover


Just unscrew the cover at the bottom, and enjoy all the profits. without having to destroy Mr. Froggy. Enjoy saving your money in this delightful way!!

Weight 2 oz
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