Water Urn Frog Fountain


7″ Tall X 5″ Wide

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Here is another lovely version from our frog fountain collection. This version features two terracota water urns, with two guardian frogs. The larger frog seems to be pouring the water that has accumulated from the urn above, into a fountain below. The second frog seems to be climbing up the major pouring urn, clinging to the braided rope which is wrapped around the urn’s neck. He is about to pull the rope to start the water pouring into the smaller vessel. Two very busy industrious frogs at work in a beautiful fountain setting. Enjoy the fruits of their labor and become entirely enchanted with the calming serenity the sound and sight of the water provides. Place upon your desk, kitchen window sill, table or any place you wish, to refresh your senses. Crafted within a container. Water pump included. Runs on 2 “AA” batteries NOT included.

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