Froggie Collect-All Basket


8″T X 8″ D Bucket, 12″ Plush Frog


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You won’t believe your eyes. Here is a multi-purpose, most attractive, clean-up-your-room, Froggie Collect-All Basket. Your kids will be all to happy to deposit all their small play items scattered all over the floor into this “Unbelievable” basket. It consists of a large soft plush green and beige frog with big bulging eyes, holding a beige colored soft plush covered basket with an embroidered frog on the front. Here is the magic part: the frog is completely removable (just release his Velcro hands) and the basket covering is removable as well, for easy cleaning. It also makes an attractive addition to your kid’s room–decorative, as well as functional.

Weight 2 oz
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