Warm Snuggles–Microwavable Aromatherapy Snuggle Frog


10″ X 7″

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He’s as cute and adorable as they come. Even if he didn’t have wonderful therapeutic powers, he is a joy just to look at. You yearn to snuggle up to our Mr. Warm Snuggles Froggy. He is made of the very softest of plush fabric that you want to snuggle up to forever. If you have the blues or the blahs one day, grab him, give him a hug and goodby to any bruises or bumps you may have had. He sooths them away in cozy comfort. Another wonderful therapeutic feature of Snuggles is that he releases a delicious aroma of lavender flowers. He is equipped to offer you Hot or Cold therapy.For Heat therapy, place in microwave. For Cool therapy, place in freezer. Full easy instructions included. He is the perfect bedtime snuggle buddy or anytime snuggle buddy. He is filled with lavender flowers. Comes with removable washable case. A great idea and a Must Have for every household!!

Weight 2 oz
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